Greece: Electricity market competition between PPC power utility and private suppliers

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Despite dominant market share of PPC power utility on retail market some electricity supplying companies are seeking their market share.

Active electricity companies in retail market belong to powerful vertically integrated groups producing their own electricity from privately owned thermal power stations.

Even so, PPC has managed to maintain its extreme dominance of the retail electricity market with a 97 percent share. The remaining three percent is shared by private-sector electricity companies, vertically  integrated and not.

Heron, a member of the Terna group, holds a share of just over one percent, almost equally divided between the low and medium voltage categories. Professional consumers make up the bulk of this company’s consumers.

Elpedison, a venture belonging to ELPE (Hellenic Petroleum), Edison, and the Bobolas group, also has a market share of slightly over one percent, focused on the low and medium voltage consumption. More recently, it has begun penetrating the household market.

Protergia, belonging to the Mytilineos corporate group, has a 0.3 percent share of the retail electricity market, primarily medium voltage.

Heron, Elpedison, and Protergia are all vertically integrated. Of all other electricity retailers, not vertically integrated, four have managed to make some impact. Green holds a 0.3 percent share, all low voltage consumption. Watt+Volt holds a 0.2 percent share, primarily in low voltage. Voltera holds a 0.14 percent share, exclusively medium voltage. NRG has captured a 0.08 percent share of the retail electricity market, equally divided between low and medium voltage. , transmits