Greece, Electricity production 3.5 TWh in February

, SEE Energy News

Production of electricity on natural gas rose sharply, by 72.3%, or 622 GWh in February, compared to the same month a year earlier, according to a monthly report by Greek power grid operator IPTO.

Gas production essentially filled the gap created by lower hydropower production, which decreased by 76.3%, or 659 GWh in the same period.

Lignite electricity production fell by 20.3% year-on-year, or 105 GWh, the IPTO report showed.

The changes underscore the importance of natural gas power plants for the country’s energy mix, security of supply and network flexibility, market authorities said.

Total electricity production in February reached 3,506 GWh, which is 2.6% less than in February 2021.

Natural gas production had a 54.1% share in total production, renewable energy sources 40%, and hydropower plants 5.9%.

Market shares in the country’s retail electricity market remained virtually unchanged in February, the IPTO report showed.

Elektroprivreda PPC retained a 64.23% share of the retail electricity market in February, slightly higher than 64.1% in January.

Mytileneos is in second place with a share of 6.9%, followed by Heron (6.5%), Elpedison (5.8%), NRG (4.2%), Watt & Volt (2.4%), Fysiko Aerio (2%), Volterra (2%), Zenith (1.9%) and Volton (1.5%).


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