Greece: Electricity subsidies set at 15 euros/MWh

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Electricity subsidies for a household with monthly consumption of up to 500 kWh, a category which covers 90% of Greek households, have been set at 15 euros per MWh for May and June, totalling 47 million euros.

The Ministry of Energy decided to commit to two months of subsidies, covering May and June, instead of the usual one month, in anticipation of the 21 May election and any interruptions a possible second round of voting could cause to this support scheme.

Consumers using over 500 kWh of electricity will also be eligible for subsidies if they reduce their usage by 15% compared to the equivalent months a year earlier.

No income criteria have been applied to the electricity subsidies offered for the next two months. Vulnerable consumers will be subsidized for electricity at a higher rate of 50 euros/MWh in May and June. Electricity subsidies for farmers have been set at 15 euros/MWh for the two months.

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