Greece, Government presented a contingency plan

, SEE Energy News

The Greek Government presented a contingency plan in case of a complete shutdown of Russian natural gas flows to the country’s system, which provides for a series of measures that should secure adequate supply of this energy resource.

The plan provides for increased imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to be stored at Revythoussa, the operation of five electricity generation units that normally run on gas with the use of fuel oil, provided that they can operate on alternative fuel, and the resumption of the operation of all lignite-fired power plants.

This means that in the case of emergency, state- controlled Public Power Corporation (PPC) will turn on all of its lignite-fired units and switch gas-fired Lavrio IV and Komotini plants, with a capacity of more than 4 GW, to oil. PPC CEO George Stassis assured the Government that the company has secured the necessary stock of lignite and oil.

Elpedison will also operate two of its gas-fired units on alternative fuel, with a capacity of 800 MW, as will Heron with its 120 MW gas-fired unit.

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