Greece, Government to accelerate two large-scale solar projects

, SEE Energy News

Last week, the Greek Government adopted a decision to declare as strategic investments two large-scale solar projects with capacity of some 1 GW, thus accelerating their implementation.

The projects that were given priority status by the The Interministerial Committee of Strategic Investments include 630 MW solar investment by Enipeas Monoprosopi and 363 MW solar investment by Karatzis Group. By receiving
strategic investment status, these projects will benefit from accelerated licensing procedures and will be able to apply for a range of incentives.

Enipeas plans to build a large-scale solar power plant in the municipality of Farsala in Thessaly, with estimated annual electricity generation of 1.02 TWh. The investment is worth around 350 million euros.

Karatzis Group plans to invest 184.5 million euros in the construction of 52 smaller solar power plants across 550 hectares of land in Kilkis, north of Thessaloniki and in Larissa, Thessaly.