Greece, HEDNO – increasing the network capacity by 5 GW by 2025 to accommodate RES units

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Greek distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO plans to increase network capacity by 5 GW, to 13.5 GW by 2025, to facilitate the production of renewable energy sources, Dimitris Vranis, director of the Network Users Department, said at an industry event in Thessaloniki.

As a result, the target for increasing capacity set in the revised National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) for 2030 would be exceeded, Vranis noted, at the annual event organized by POSPIEF, the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Photovoltaic Manufacturers Associations.

The NECP has set a target of 25 GW for the connection of RES units by 2030.

Given that half of the RES units that should be connected are expected to be connected to low and medium voltage connections, the distribution network will have to be able to accommodate projects with a total power of 12.5 GW.

Considering this projection, the goal of the distribution network operator to increase the capacity of the distribution network to 13.5 GW by 2025 exceeds the required capacity by 8 percent.

In addition, in the period from 2025 to 2030, DEDDIE/HEDNO plans to further increase the network capacity by another 2 GW, to 15.5 GW.

Currently, renewable energy plants with a total capacity of 6.5 GW are connected to the Greek distribution network, said the DEDDIE/HEDNO official.

About 7,000 small RES projects are currently being developed in Greece, with a total capacity of about 2 GW. Most of these projects are photovoltaic installations, and 5,300 units are privately owned and have a capacity of about 400 MW.

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