Greece: LNG terminal Revythoussa soon operating at full capacity

, SEE Energy News

A total of nine liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipments are due to the Revythoussa terminal off Athens in May, making the facility operating at full capacity for yet another month, according to natural gas transmission system operator DESFA.

Last week, a tanker brought a total of 149,254 cubic meters for four buyers: Motor Oil, Heron, Public Gas Corporation DEPA and Mytilineos, whose share of 74,627 cubic meters was the biggest among the four.

The next shipment, which should be delivered on 20 May, will deliver 147,710 cubic meters of LNG for Elpedison and Public Power Corporation (PPC), who will take 127,031 cubic meters of the shipment.

A third LNG shipment for the month is scheduled to arrive on 31 May and will bring in 121,123 cubic meters of LNG for DEPA and Elpedison.

A total of five big LNG shipments has already been booked for June, for orders placed by Mytilineos, Elpedison and DEPA.