Greece: Market coupling extension with Italy

, SEE Energy News

The Greece –Italy (GR-IT) market coupling extension was launched in January 2019 with the initiative of IBWT parties and refers to the implementation of a day-ahead market coupling mechanism with implicit capacity allocation on the GR-IT border via the HVDC interconnector.

Following the implementation of the Italian Borders Working Table (IBWT) project with the Multi-Regional Coupling (MRC) held in February 2015 and the ongoing successful operations for more than five years, now within the SDAC, the launch of coupling operations of the Greek bidding zone in the IBWT regional framework is the next step towards the achievement of the single day-ahead European electricity market, which is expected to reach its completion during 2021 with the integration of MRC and 4MMC coupling projects.

HEnEx, the designated single NEMO in Greece and full PCR member since 2018, will be included in the market coupling operational processes as a new operational NEMO. The new Day-Ahead Market in Greece, successfully launched on 1 November, applies the PCR Euphemia algorithm and the relevant timings and operational procedures, fully compatible with the MRC/IBWT/SDAC timings and operational procedures, as approved by the Greek National Regulatory Authority (RAE).

In this context, the expected go-live for the extension of the MRC/IBWT/SDACto the GR-IT border, already approved by the Single Day-Ahead Coupling Joint Steering Committee (SDAC JSC), is scheduled for 15 December 2020 (first trading date) subject to the positive confirmation by SDAC OPSCOM on the finalization of the testing activities and the relevant approvals by the Greek and Italian national regulators.