Greece: Mixed RES online auction to happen in May

, SEE Energy News

The next mixed RES auction for up to 350 MW in wind and solar capacity is planned for May, Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) announced.

The online auction will be held on 24 May, while the application will be open after 22 March. The price ceiling for both categories has been set to 53.86 euros/MWh. The auction is opet for solar project with a capacity of up to 20 MW and wind project with the capacity of up to 50 MW.

This would be the third Greece’s mixed wind/solar auction. In April 2020, Greece awarded a total of 502.94 MW of wind and solar power capacity, with bids hitting as low as 49.11 euros/MWh. Another 614 MW of wind and solar projects were awarded in August.