Greece, New FSU at Revythoussa ready by end-August

, SEE Energy News

Greek Minister of Energy Kostas Skrekas said that the new floating storage unit (FSU) at the Revythoussa liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal, that will effectively double the facility’s capacity, will be operational by the end of August.

Minister Skrekas said that the new tank will be ready to receive the first shipments of LNG by the end of August. This will make it possible to ensure the country’s supply of natural gas, a large percentage of which is used for electricity generation, and thus to increase energy security ahead of upcoming winter in case of the most unfavorable scenario, which includes complete halt of Russian gas supply.

The new FSU floating storage unit increases the capacity of the facility to more than 375,000 cubic meters of LNG compared to 225,000 cubic meters, which is the capacity of the existing three reservoirs on the islet of Revythousa. The project will strengthen the energy security of our country, since it increases the temporary storage time of LNG beyond the 18 days that applies today, thus alleviating the problem of maintaining LNG reserves in periods of high demand for natural gas.