Greece: New mid-term strategy at ADMIE

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Greek electricity transmission system operator ADMIE announced a new, mid-term strategy for 2021-2024 period, aimed to transform it into a technological company for the utilization of infrastructure. The first part of so-called “three-pillar” strategy is the security and reliability of the grid in today’s demanding environment. ADMIE will prioritize the digital strengthening of the transmission system through the renewal and the upgrading of its equipment.

The program of upgrading and modernizing the grid infrastructure will be accelerated, taking into account the crucial factors that can affect its operation, such as the age of the grid’s components, the extreme weather conditions that are on the increase, cyber security threats, the growing penetration of renewable energy sources and the new context of the energy market. The second pillar concerns the utilization of the existing infrastructure for the supply of value-added services. Besides its elementary assets, ADMIE also owns large plots of land, buildings, vehicles and fiber optics and is also examining the development of data centers in its facilities. That way, the company will expand beyond its core activity, which is the transmission of electricity, moving on to the development of domestic infrastructure aiming at the creation of value for its stakeholders and society on the basis of public interest. ADMIE is already recording its real estate assets, as well as drafting studies for the utilization of its corporate fleet through logistics services.

The development of energy transition activities constitutes the third pillar of ADMIE’s new strategy. In this context, the company wishes to assume responsibility for the underwater network of interconnections for offshore wind farms, the addition of energy storage projects to islands interconnections, and its participation in international consortiums for high-voltage projects. According to ADMIE, the new strategy constitutes a renewed roadmap for the future, with the operator also remaining focused on the timetable of its 10-year development program that it adheres to.