Greece, New regulations to significantly reduce RES licensing process

, SEE Energy News

The draft bill for the simplification of RES projects licensing procedure will reportedly significantly reduce the amount of rad tape in the process, thus reducing the time needed to obtain a license from current over five years to just 14 months.

The bill is supported by the Minister of Energy Kostas Skrekas who believes that the streamlined licensing procedure is needed in order for Greece to achieve the target of 12 GW in renewable capacity by 2030, as stated in its National Energy And Climate Plan (NECP).

It envisages the reduction of necessary steps from seven to five, with intensified screening of received application in order to hastily eliminate
those who are invalid or lack serious intentions. Also, the investors will no longer need to submit the same documentation to several agencies. The bill includes the establishment of a service center that will enable applicants to monitor the progress of their application.