Greece: Phasing-out 40 % of coal capacity

, SEE Energy News

By the end of 2021, Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC) will decommission more than a third of a total of 3.4 GW of coal-fired capacity that it plans to phase out by 2023, said CEO of the company Georgios Stassis.

State-controlled PPC expects to have all its coal-fired power plants closed down by 2025, earlier than an original target of 2028, to reduce carbon emissions under the country’s plan to help the European Union meet its climate change targets.

Stassis said that PPC has already decommissioned coal-fired plants with net capacity of 1.1 GW since 2020, while another 0.25 GW is scheduled to be decommissioned within 2021. So, 40 % of the total coal-fired capacity, which the plan stipulates by 2023, will be decommissioned by the end of this year.

Under its strategy to shift to clean energy, PPC aims to increase its renewable energy portfolio to 1.5 GW by the end of 2023 and it has already secured the construction of 1 GW.