Greece: PPC could sell up to 20 % of overall production

, SEE Energy News

State-controlled Public Power Corporation (PPC) and other independent producer will be allowed to sell up to 20 % of their overall electricity production through direct agreements, according to the new target model for the future Greek electricity exchange.

The new model presented by the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) doubled the previous proposal of 10 % of total production. This limit is related to PPC, as the largest electricity producer in the country, as well as independent producers with market shares above 4 %. Currently, Protergia, Heron and Elpedison exceed this threshold.

This regulation should be the last one before the launch of the Greek energy exchange (HENEX), scheduled for 17 September this year.

The Association of Independent Electricity Producers previously proposed a limit of between 5 and 10 % for PPC’s mutual agreements and forward contracts, and proportional limits for independent electricity producers with market shares of more than 4 %. On the other hand, pushed for a 20 % limit from the start, basing its argument on a study by global energy consulting company ECCO International, according to which the sale limit on output should range between 10 and 20 %.