Greece, PPC lowered the price for April by 16%, to 16.5 cents per kWh

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Electricity suppliers in Greece have announced a new wave of price cuts for April. The Greek electricity company PPC, the leading player in the market, leads the way with a price reduction, which is greater than expected and amounts to 16 percent.

PPC set the price for April at 16.5 cents per kWh for monthly consumption of up to 500 KWh, down from 19.5 cents per KWh for March. For consumption above this threshold, the price is 17.7 cents per KWh, down from 20.7 cents per KWh in March.

Based on a recently adopted law, electricity sellers in Greece must publish tariffs for the following month by the 20th of the current month.

The drop in retail prices for April was expected, as a consequence of the recent drop in wholesale electricity prices. However, this will not affect the reduction of energy costs for customers subsidized by the state.

However, the government, which throughout the energy crisis provided subsidies to keep household prices between 15 and 16 cents per KWh, will be able to greatly reduce, or even zero out, its subsidy expenditure, keeping prices at the desired level. level.

Independent supplier Heron announced a price for April of 15.68 cents per KWh, including rebate. The price without discount is 19.6 cents per KWh.

Elpedison announced a price of 19.5 cents per KWh for its HomeDay electricity package, as well as 12.5 cents per KWh for its Elpedison Economy offer.

Protergia has set the April price at 19.98 cents per KWh, regardless of consumption level, for its Energy Save residential offer, as well as a price of 13.98 cents per KWh for the MVP Reward package, including a discount for paying within the set deadline.

The prices of other suppliers, with a discount, are: NRG – 13.94 cents per KWh, Walton – 16.4 cents per KWh and Fysiko Aerio – 10.4 cents per KWh.

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