Greece: Pump storage HPPs, energy storage and hydrogen also included in PPC’s “green plan”

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According to previous announcement of Public Power Corporation’s (PPC) CEO Giorgos Stassis, the company plans to increase its RES portfolio to 1 GW in the next three years.

PPC Deputy CEO Giannis Kopanakis said that the company’s plan for transition to green energy is a crucial part of its new business model, along with already announced customer-oriented approach and digitalization of production and distribution networks.

Kopanakis said that PPC’s “green plan” will be based on gradual phase-out of its lignite-fired thermal power plants and increased investments in renewable energy projects. However, it also includes investments in energy storage, biomass, hydrogen and construction of small-scale pump storage hydropower plants at depleted lignite mines.

The development of hydrogen producing facilities will depend on decisions regarding the fuel the company’s new lignite-fired Ptolemaida V power plant will run on beyond 2028. PPC also plans to utilize existing mechanical equipment of lignite-fired power plants either closed or headed for closure through use at other company facilities. Generators at old power plantsare planned to be converted into condensers for grid voltage stability. Such systems will be needed as a result of the sharp increase in RES stations.