Greece, RES accounted for almost half of Greek electricity generatied in the first ten months of 2022

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According to a report by a Green Tank, which is based on the data published by Greek electricity transmission system operator ADMIE, renewable energy sources accounted for 47.1 % of all electricity generated in Greece in the first ten months of 2022, thus surpassing the share of fossil fuels for the first time.

The report shows that, although until September fossil fuels were cumulatively ahead in the mix, increased production from renewable energy sources in October, combined with a sizable reduction in electricity demand in the same month, high gas supply prices and other economic parameters, reversed the trend, leading to a large reduction in the energy produced from fossil gas and lignite.

From January to October, a total of 20,186 GWh of green electricity was produced, compared to 19,589 GWh from lignite and natural gas. While the share of hydropower in the overall mix fell to 8.2 from 9.7 % last year, the share of wind and solar power increased to 38.9 from 32.3 % in the same period.

The report noted that electricity demand in October decreased by 9 % compared to the same month last year. It was the fourth month in a row to see a decrease in demand compared to the previous year. In October, Greece managed to cover 100 % of national demand for electricity using only renewables for five hours.