Greece, RES covered 100 % of electricity consumption for the first time

, SEE Energy News

According to data published by Greek electricity transmission system operator ADMIE, the country managed to cover 100 % of national electricity consumption using only renewables for a period of five hours last week, for the first time in the history.

Electricity generation from renewables reached a new historic high of 3,106 MW, exceeding the system’s net charge capacity, between 11:00 AM and 04:00 PM on 7 October.

ADMIE stressed the need to further develop and reinforce the electricity networks to allow even greater penetration of the energy mix by renewables. The operator also highlighted the benefits for consumers from greater use of renewables, pointing out that the price paid to electricity producers is 94 euros/MWh for wind farms, 190 euros/MWh for lignite-fired power plants and 499 euros/MWh for natural gas-fired power plants.

The new wind farms participating in the latest RES auction, that will enter operation in the coming years, will be even cheaper, at 58 euros/MWh.