Greece, RES needs investments in infrastructure

, SEE Energy News

According to a study by the Institute of Energy for Southeast Europe (IENE), energy investments and reforms may take a major part of the Greek Recovery and Resilience Plan, but there is little attention granted to investing in renewable energy source (RES) hardware and infrastructure.

Among the projects to secure funding from the recovery plan are the growth and modernization of the national grid (307 million euros), that combined with energy storage (450 million euros) will lead to a robust grid that will support RES development.

However, according to IENE study, a major cause for concern is the absence from the Recovery and Resilience Plan of any subsidized investments in the Greek industry producing the equipment that is necessary for RES installation and in infrastructure. It would be crucial for this industry to play a supportive role to the construction of RES projects and act as a catalyst in the creation of local knowhow, employment and domestic added value, which in turn would reduce the importing of products and systems related to RES, and would strengthen exports.