Greece, Revised NECP envisages huge investments in renewable energy

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The revised National Energy and Climate Plan envisages investments in the green transition of energy, transportation and construction sectors totaling roughly 200 billion euros by 2030, creating 38,000 jobs.

Solar energy and energy storage will be the drivers of the green transition in the energy sector, while offshore wind farms and new technologies such as hydrogen and renewable fuels will be at the forefront beginning in 2030, contributing to 2050 climate neutrality targets.

The rate of onshore wind development is slowing as the availability of suitable places for such projects and network saturation are evaluated. Despite a 2 GW increase in installed capacity by 2030, the contribution of natural gas to the country’s energy balance in the plan is dramatically decreased (approaching 50 %), while lignite’s participation is reduced to zero.

Minister of Energy Kostas Skrekas explained that on the one hand the production of gas-fired power plants will be limited as the capacity of renewable energy facilities increases, and on the other that the new plants, as well as the infrastructure being built for the expansion of the gas network, will be able to operate after 2030 with other sources of energy, such as hydrogen.

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