Greece: Supplier changes between independent suppliers

, SEE Energy News

About 30 % of all supplier switches made by Greek electricity consumers are between two different independent suppliers rather than switching from state-controlled Public Power Corporation (PPC) to an independent suppliers, which was usually the case in the past, according to market data.

The reason in further increase in competition between independent suppliers to the benefit of Greek consumers, which is a clear sign that the retail market is becoming more mature. Besides price, which was the main factor of these switches in the past, now the supplier’s reliability and supplementary services are also taken into account by consumers.

But, with the increased market share, independent suppliers are also more prone to increased debt figures as a result of unpaid electricity bills due to business closures, consumers switching to another supplier without clearing their debt to previous supplier. However, their exposure to this problem in nowhere near the scale faced by PPC, which amassed over 2 billion euros in unpaid electricity bills.

On the electricity supply market PPC still holds the largest share as of May 2020 – 66.27 %, which is slightly below 67.25 % in April. Protergia is ranked second with a 7.31 % share (6.84 % in April), Heron is in third with 6.27 % (5.81 % in April) and Elpedison with 4.97 %, down from 5.06 % in April.