Greece, Total electricity consumption increased in May

, SEE Energy News

According to data published by Greek electricity transmission system operator ADMIE, electricity consumption of residential and commercial consumers connected to low-voltage network dropped in May for the second month in a row.

However, increased industrial production in mid and high-voltage segment managed to offset the drop in low-voltage, thus Greek overall electricity consumption in May increased by 2.68 % compared to the previous month.

Regarding retail electricity market, state- controlled Public Power Corporation (PPC) remains dominant with around 64 % share, which it steadily holds since the beginning of the year. As for independent suppliers, Mytilineos holds 7.19 %, followed by Heron (6.57 %), Elpedison (6.26 %), NRG (4.23 %), Volterra (2.08 %), Fysiko Aerio (2.05 %), Watt & Volt (2.01 %), Zenith (1.73 %) and Volton with 1.35 % market share.

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