Greek RAE announced next RES auction scheduled for 27 July

, SEE Energy News

The deadline for applications for participation is 29 June. Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) said that the next RES auction will take place on 27 July.

Solar projects with capacities of 20 MW or less, and wind farms of 50 MW or less are invited to take part in the bidding process, to which long-term power purchase agreements will be offered.

RAE plans to sign contracts for up to 482 MW of solar and 481.5 MW of wind power at the next auction. The bid ceiling price for solar will be 63 euros/MWh and 62.99 euros/MWh for wind.

The previous RES auction held on 2 April produced a record-low bid of 49.11 euros/MWh, submitted by PPC Renewables for a 200 MW solar power plant in Kozani in northern Greece. A total of five major RES projects, four solar power plants and one wind farm, secured tariffs at the auction. The auction’s average bidding price was 51.59 euros/MWh, which is significantly lower compared to previous auctions. The auction’s only wind energy project, ENTEKA’s 153 MW facility in Vermio in northern Greece, recorded the lowest price so far for wind power of 54.7 euros/MWh. A total of four projects, two solar and two wind, failed to secure prices at the previous auction.