Greek RAE: The launch of energy exchange target model postponed

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Representatives of electricity transmission system operator ADMIE said that the target model’s delay could be over one month long. Given the summer break in August, the launch may need to be postponed even further. According to Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE), the target model and the launch date, scheduled for 30 June, is no longer possible, unless unforeseeable changes occur. The main issue is for how long the launch will be postponed.

General Electric said that it cannot deliver a finalized platform for ADMIE’s balancing market over the next few days, as had been planned, due to coronavirus crisis. Therefore, a trial run of market systems officially scheduled for 10 April is no longer possible. However, ADMIE believes trial runs can still be performed without the balancing market’s finalized platform.

Despite the difficulties in the coming period, the Ministry of Energy still considers the existing target model launch date as official, stating that it will make all efforts to achieve it.

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