HEP decides whether Plomin C should work on gas

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Minister of Environment and Nature, Mihael Zmajlović said today that it is up to the investor to decide whether TPP Plomin C should work on coal or gas.

“The investor Electric Power Industry of Croatia (HEP), and the ministry in charge is the Ministry of Economy. As for the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the assessment of environmental impact has been done two years ago and the expert advisory committee has given its assessment. Based on this a certificate of acceptability has been issued including, I stress, the implementation of the most stringent measures of protection and preservation of the environment” said Minister Zmajlović to reporters after the opening of XII International Symposium of  waste management.

He said that this is what can be said, and whether “this will be a coal-fired power plant or gas – that’s the decision of investors.”

“So we are talking about opinion and measures to ensure that if this ends up to be a coal power plant it has a minimal or low-impact on the environment,” said Minister of Environment and Nature, Mihael Zmajlović.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine