Hidroelectrica sold 14 mini hpps for 10MEUR

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Hidroelectrica sold within the international bids organised on Monday 15 July 14 micro hydro-power stations placed on the Crisu Repede, Bistrita, Budac, Huza, Somesul Mic and Salasele with an installed total power of 9.4MW, the company informs in a press release. According to it, Hidroelectrica got a record price of 46,850,780 lei the equivalent of almost 10,599,000 euro, over the average price at which they were valued.

The winners of the 3 packages of micro-hydropower stations :

BASIKDUE SpA Italy for – CHEMP on the Crisul Repede, Bihor: CHEMP Baraj CET, CHEMP CET Restituire, CHEMP Atileu 1 and CHEMP Atileu 2.

SC Mineral Oil SRL for CHEMP on the Bistria and Budac, Bistria-N?s?ud: CHEMP Bistria, CHEMP Bolovani and CHEMP Budac 1,

C THREE PHARM SRL for CHEMP on the Huza, Someul Mic and S?laele, Cluj: CHEMP Huza 1, CHEMP Huza 2, CHEMP Someul Rece, CHEMP Mân?stirea Dej 1, CHEMP Mân?stirea Dej 2, CHEMP S?laele 1 and CHEMP S?laele 2.

Hidroelectrica is going to speed up the process of privatisation of the micro-hydro-power stations they still have, so that by the end of 2013, MHC which are still owned by them be sold. The next group of mycro-power stations will be on sale in September, the procedures for sale being started as soon as possible.