HPP Brodarevo project vs regional environmental NGO opposition, is the investor running the project smoothly or not?

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Non-governmental organization Euromost called Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and Ministry of Economy to explain why Ministry of Energy, Development and Environment appointed public discussion and presentation of Estimation of Hydro Power plants Brodarevo 1 and Brodarevo 2 Influence Study, without informing Montenegro about it.

HPP Brodarevo 1 and 2 projects are capital investments of Canadian investment company Reservoir Capital. Euromost and other local Prijepolje city NGOs are opposing the construction of the hydro power plants. Euromost is a regional environmental organization which gathers local regional environmental associations which already raised the public attention to both Brodarevo and Drina hpp projects, during the campaigns obtained the wider support within the EU itself. Investors reports on smooth running of the Brodarevo hpp projects, directed toward the stock market private investors, are constantly objected and in opposition with reports of the local NGOs and local medias.

Public hearing on the environmental influence of the hpp’s is just one of the opposing arguments of the influential Euromost regional NGO.

Public discussion was set for 9 January in Belgrade, despite law facts which say that it can be held 20 days after informing the public the earliest, was stated in this NGO.

“Interested public, individuals and associations which filed literal complain on Study contest are not literally informed about this public discussion. Serbian Ministry of Energy, Development and Environment showed unwillingness and indifference to implement the law, but also ignorance and disrespect to public discussion orders, not even caring for its obligations to Montenegro as a state”, was stated in NGO Euromost.

This NGO interests if Montenegro has got any invitation for the public discussion.

“We want answers why they keep all  informations and agreements about HPP Brodarevo building from public? What did Minister of Economy exactly arrange with Minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlovic?” was said in statement.

NGO Euromost underlined that all environmental organizations from Serbia and Montenegro are invited to come to this public discussion and indicate all illegalities.

Lack of transparency in investors work and daily operations as well as the lack of strong strategy which will include local community relations resulted in series of clashes between NGOs and the representatives of the investor.

Euromost actually did proved the regional cross border influence of the project and on that argument raised the public interest in Montenegro already.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine