HPP “Djerdap 1”, February business plan accomplished

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Both Danube’s HPPs continue its successful annual production using hydro power potential as much as possible. Danube has recorded its maximal 8 cubic of water per second inflow few days ago. However, there was no overflow and energy loss, even though Serbian biggest HPP “Djerdap 1” works without one aggregate because A-4 is being revitalized.

Advantageous Danube’s inflow was rationally used with maximal engagement of shift personnel, dispatch control first of all, and good cooperation with Russian partners.

Thanks to that, “Djerdap 1” realized its 359 million kilowatt-hours of electricity production plan for February few days ago what exceeded dynamical production plan for 55%. The first Danube HPP should produce 570 million KWH by the end of the month and to finish production of its first billion kilowatt-hours of electricity before the end of February.

Good work and over planned production is recorded by second Danube’s HPP “Djerdap 2” also. It records planned obligations’ overthrow for 30% with constant daily production where it gives its full contribution to the realization of EPS electricity balance.

Source Serbia Energy/ EPS