Hungary, 60 % of households paid more for energy in 2022

, SEE Energy News

According to a survey, around 60 % of Hungarian households had their utility costs rise in 2022. The survey showed that nearly a third of respondents were not financially affected by the changes.

The results varied according to several aspects, for example, there were significant differences according to the type of housing: while two-thirds of those living in detached houses said their bills had increased, just under half of those in the apartment buildings said the same.

There were also significant differences by type of municipality, the smaller the municipality, the more people felt that costs had increased. In the capital Budapest, 53 % of respondents paid more, in county towns, some 55 % said that their costs increased. Approximately 60 % of people living in smaller towns reported higher costs, but villages were the most affected, with 68 % of participants saying that their utility bills have gotten higher.

On average, respondents affected by the increase in energy costs reported an increase in expenditure of 55 euros per month. If the respondents who are not affected are also taken into account, the change of electricity and gas tariffs will mean an extra 25 euros per month for an average Hungarian family.