Hungary, A slight increase in the futures price for March, to 156 euros per MWh

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Monthly futures prices on the Hungarian electricity derivatives exchange HUDEX for baseload for delivery in March 2023 have risen slightly over the past five days, from the lowest level in the last month – EUR 145.95 per MWh, which was achieved on January 25, at 156.12 euros per MWh on January 31.

It is, however, significantly below the level recorded on January 2 – 214.03 euros per MWh.

Hungarian futures for one month ahead, like other European futures contracts, have recorded a sharp decline in the last six months, from around 400 euros per MWh as achieved in August.

When it comes to the contract for delivery in 2024, it recorded significant fluctuations in the previous month, with a sharp drop in mid-January to 162.78 euros per MWh. In the previous five days, it ranged from 173 to 186 euros per MWh.

The record price of the contract for the next year in the previous 12 months reached 1,000 euros on August 26, 2022. Since then, these futures have been declining, but they only fell below the threshold of 400 euros per MWh in the second half of December.

The price of the contract for the second quarter of 2023 fell during most of January to 172.17 euros per MWh on January 25, but then recorded a slight increase, to 182.7 euros per MWh on January 31.

The futures price for the next quarter hovered around 250 to 190 euros per MWh in the period from September 1 to mid-December 2022, and then began to gradually fall, and even below the threshold of 200 euros per MWh in the second week of January.

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