Hungary: Alstom supply electrostatic precipitators to Pecs power plant

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Ordered by Pannon Power Plant Ltd. which is the part of Dalkia Energy group, Alstom supplied and put in operation two new electrostatic precipitators in one of the biomass-fired blocks of Pécs Power Plant.

The 600,000 Euro development further decreased the dust emission of the wood chip fired block in Pécs Power Plant. This has allowed the biggest biomass power plant of Hungary to reach the environmental standards of 2016. 

The Pécs Power Plant of Pannonpower which is the part of Dalkia Energy Group, is the largest biomass-fired power plant in Hungary. Operated by Pannon Power Plant Ltd. the facility has 2 biomass power plant blocks and 2 natural-gas auxiliary boilers. Currently the 2 biomass blocks are in operation; one of them with wood- and agricultural byproduct based chips, the other with baled agricultural fuel.