Hungary, Average price on HUPX DAM 189.2 euros per MWh in April

, SEE Energy News

According to the report of the Hungarian electricity exchange operator HUPX for April 2022, the total volume of trade on the spot market amounted to 2.707 million MWh, which is 1.6% less than in the previous month (2.751 million MWh in March 2022).

The day-ahead trading volume of the market in April was 2.322 million MWh, which is approximately the same as in March.

The average price for the base load on HUPX DAM was 189.18 euros per MWh, which is 34% less than in the previous month.

The average price for peak load on a monthly basis was reduced by 35%, to 189.08 euros per MWh in April.

The highest price per hour realized in April was 450.05 euros per MWh, and the lowest 0 euros per MWh.

The average daily volume of trade for base load (01-24 h) on DAM in April 2022 was 90,229 MWh.

The total volume of intra-day trading (IDM) in April was 365,000 MWh, 10% less than in March (406,753 MWh).

The average daily volume of trade on IDM decreased by 7% on a monthly basis, to 12,167 MWh, according to the HUPX monthly report.


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