Hungary: Gas-fired power plant Dunamenti, operated by MET Group, has launched an electrode boiler power-to-heat project

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As the share of weather-dependent renewable energy generation increases in Hungary’s energy mix, temporary overproduction adds additional constraints to the electricity network, requiring network operator interventions with conventional energy sources. The main role of Dunamenti’s new e-boiler is to provide the electricity transmission system operator MAVIR with a fully dispatchable and flexible 30 MW power consumer.

By using the flexibility function of the boiler, up to 120 MW of additional weather-dependent green energy sources can be integrated safely into the grid, thus strengthening the sustainability and security of supply. The new electrode boiler will be provided by Parat, Norway’s leading supplier of steam and heat solutions.

CEO of TPP Dunamenti Peter Horvath said that this power-to-heat application will help to balance the electricity network by converting the excess electricity to heat, to be stored in a heat storage tank, allowing the plant to serve local heat demand. With this asset the plant can entirely displace natural gas from its on-site heat consumption, and also reduce the gas-linkage of district heating services in Szazhalombatta.

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