Hungary: Gov plan to increase the capacity of TPP Matrai

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Plan for expansion of the thermal power Matrai has been prepared, and it is a project that could substantially reduce the import dependence of the Hungarian economy and increase supply security before commissioning of new Paks units, claims professional Association Energopolitika 2000th. Thus not only the domestic lignite will be used, but also the investment in new production capacity will create new jobs.

Installed capacity in Hungary amounted to 9,100 MW in 2013th, of which for about two-thirds can be said that they are certainly available. Last year, with gross maximum load capacity of over 6,400 MW, only import could help to cover domestic needs. Given the expected failure of the old plants, it is possible to install new capacities by 2020th based on renewable energy sources, with power of 1,500 megawatts.

In the current situation, lignite as one of the most significant domestic raw materials cannot be used without reconstruction and development of existing capacities. The Association recommends that owners of establishments approved by the state loan, while retaining the existing ownership structure (the owner of 51 percent is the German RWE), which would facilitate the development of thermal power Matrai.