Hungary: Gov wants majority ownership over NPP Paks, from MVM to ENKSZ

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Instead of MVM the new owner of the power plant should be the newly formed energy holding ENKSZ.

Internal documents of the Hungarian Government show that Hungary is planning to take over the ownership of several energy companies including NPP Paks, but it also plans to further reduce the price of energy, by using the funds which will be used for the storage of nuclear waste from the power plants.

According to the published documents the Government would transfer the ownership of NPP Paks from the state energy company MVM to the new state energy company ENKSZ.

The arguments are that the Government is already responsible for the project of the expansion of the power plant and that it would be more efficient to manage the whole nuclear complex from one spot.

In addition MVM operates on commercial level and the Government and ENKSZ can operate on non profit base. In the end it says that such a model could mean cheaper electric power for citizens, transmits

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