Hungary, MOL announced its plan to build a 22 million euros worth green hydrogen plant

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Hungarian oil and gas company MOL announced its plan to build a 22 million euros worth green hydrogen plant at its Danube refinery in Szazhalombatta.

The hydrogen plant, fuelled with electricity produced from renewable sources, will turn out 1,600 tons of hydrogen per year, making it one of Europe’s biggest green hydrogen production facilities. It will reduce MOL’s annual CO2 emissions by 25,000 tons.

MOL will use US company Plug Power’s technology at the plant which will start operating in 2023.

Executive Vice President of Downstream at MOL Group Gabriel Szabo said that the company is convinced that hydrogen is not only one of the most important energy carriers of the already ongoing energy transition, but it will be an essential factor in the new, carbon-neutral energy system as well. This new technology allows the introduction of green hydrogen production in Hungary, which makes MOL Group one of the most important players in the sustainable energy economy in the region.

The production of green hydrogen does not generate any greenhouse gas emissions. The Plug equipment uses electricity from a renewable source to split water into oxygen and hydrogen gas by a process called electrolysis. This process does not produce any by-products that harm the environment. By producing one ton of hydrogen, eight-to-nine tons of pure oxygen is also produced by the equipment, saving nearly 10,000 tons of natural gas consumption in the process. Plug’s electrolyzers, with nearly 50 years of operational experience in applications demanding high reliability, are modular, scalable hydrogen generators optimized for clean hydrogen production.

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