Hungary: MVM increased RES portfolio

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At the moment, State-owned Hungarian Electricity Works (MVM) operates 110 solar power plants in Hungary, which generate a total of 110 GWh of electricity per year, enough to cover the needs of some 50,000 households.

MVM announced that it has increased its renewable portfolio with the construction of 45 small-scale solar power plants, with an individual installed capacity of up to 0.5 MW and combined output of 26.6 MW.

As a result of two larger projects, one consisting of 21 and the other of 24 small-scale solar power plants, the company managed to reduce greenhouse gas emission by an annual 30,000 tons. Both projects were supported by the EU’s Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Program, which aims to improve energy efficiency, curb emissions and increase the share of decentralized, environmentally friendly renewable energy sources in electricity generation.

According to data provided by electricity transmission system MAVIR, Hungary has around 1.5 GW of installed capacity in solar power. This figure is expected to grow, as the country’s Energy Strategy envisages solar capacity to reach 6 GW by 2030 and 12 GW by 2040, as part of its decarbonization plan which heavily relies on nuclear and solar power.