Hungary, NAP are now listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange

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Shares of Hungarian renewable energy company NAP are now listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange. The shares were listed on the bourse’s Xtend platform tailored to SMEs.

Prior to its listing, NAP secured 7 million euros of financing in two private placements. The company’s Board of Directors has proposed further capital increases to fund future growth. Shareholders should vote on this decision at the next general meeting scheduled for 15 November.

Since its founding in October 2020, the company aimed to create a long-term dividend-paying investment target for a wide range of investors that focuses exclusively on green energy production and offers a new opportunity for investors with an ESG focus.

NAP currently operates 30 solar power plants with a combined installed capacity of 15 MW. The company is aiming to raise its portfolio to 100 MW within two years through acquisitions.