Hungary: North-South NETS gas high pressure network expected from Slovakia

, SEE Energy News

Slovakia gave priority to the country’s high-pressure gas network system linking gas to neighbouring countries. The Hungarian FGSZ already in 2007 embarked on a regional gas grid deployment through which the countries involved gas exchange to each other and stimulate the gas market.

By 2013 it is necessary to invest in a system called NETS, but not all neighboring countries were interested in, like the two-way gas transport and laying the other interconnectors. NETS is not only helped tool for the North-South gas corridor creation, but also created an opportunity for Croatian-Hungarian-Ukrainian transport direction.

According to the EU’s energy control for two-way transmission lines must be connected to the gas system of member countries. The Slovak gas system operator, Eustream is getting closer to the fulfillment of this obligation. They announced in September that they begin with a Hungarian-Slovak interconnector test operation. (This plan has been otherwise known as scheduled for January of 2015. 1 from the start of commercial operation as well.)

What is new is that Hungary have planned for the long-promised Slovak-Polish interconnector, is due to open in 2018.