Hungary: NPP Paks Rosatom contract, technical design by Gidropress

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The complete technical design of the reactor facility for the number of power units 5 and 6 of NPP “Paks” in Hungary will be developed by OKB “GIDROPRESS” (part of “Rosatom”) until 30 June 2018.

The cost of the contract is 977 866 000. Rub., Including VAT.

Complete project reactor installation (RU) will be used for the preparation of documents necessary to obtain a license for the construction of the 5th and 6th units of NPP “Paks”, as well as the development of design documentation to run it in production. In addition, according to the draft design study will be made of equipment and systems EN. The technical design of the reactor facility B-527 will comply with EPC-contract for the construction of 5 and 6 of NPP “Paks” and normative documents supervisor Hungary.

The intergovernmental agreement on the construction of two power units with VVER-1200 at the site of NPP “Paks” was signed in January 2014, and in December the same year, “Rosatom” and its subsidiaries group MVM (Hungary) signed a package of contracts on this project, transmits