Hungary, Operation of NPP Paks unaffected by increasing water temperatures

, SEE Energy News

Hungary’s sole nuclear power plant Paks said that its operation is not affected by the increase of water temperatures of the Danube and low water level.

The statement from the plant said that due to the warmer water in the Danube, the condensers of the nuclear power plant’s units are operating at a slightly lower efficiency, but this has no impact on safety, production, or technology. As a consequence, the power plant’s output is currently a 20-40 MW per unit difference compared to the winter period.

NPP Paks also plans measures to deal with low water level of the Danube. At present, the first of the four stages is in effect, which does not require any further action other than technical preparations, does not affect the operation of the plant, and does not affect electricity generation.

NPP Paks consists of four units with 500 MW output each. In 2021, the plant generated around 16 TWh of electricity, which is almost half of Hungary’s total electricity generation and 34 % of the country’s electricity consumption.

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