Hungary, Polytechnik to commission biomass heating plant in Kaposvar

, SEE Energy News

Austrian Polytechnik Biomass Energy announced that its biomass heating plant in the Hungarian city of Kapovar in nearing completion.

The plant consists of two boilers with 7.5 MW capacity each, will use local wooden biomass and will replace gas-fired boilers currently used to produce thermal energy for the city. It is expected that the plant will enter trial operation in December.

The company said that last year’s cost of natural gas used to provide district heating for Kaposvar amounted to 3.2 million euros per year, but with current prices, that cost will rise to 17.5 million euros this winter. Thus, the new plant will provide numerous benefits for the city, significantly reducing natural gas consumption to just 7 % of the previous volume (gas is still required during peak loads).