Hungary, Price on HUPX DAM 223 euros per MWh in November

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The average price of electricity for base load on the Hungarian day-ahead market in November 2022 increased by 15% compared to the previous month, to 222.74 euros per MWh, according to the monthly report of the HUPX exchange operator.

The price for peak load increased by 23% in the same period, to 260.45 euros per MWh.

The total volume of trade on DAM in November increased compared to October by 11%, to 2.255 million MWh. The average daily trade volume increased by 14% in November, to 75,172 MWh.

The intraday trading volume on the market decreased by 2% on a monthly basis, to 396,326 MWh. The quarterly price increased by 21% in November, to 224.15 euros per MWh, according to HUPX’s monthly report.