Hungary: Record consumption of electricity during june

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The electricity consumption measured this summer has probably reached its maximum since MAVIR registered, upon the preliminary measurement data, 6 456 MW 15 minute average gross system load in the heat wave at around 12:45 hours on 8 July 2015.

This value exceeds the highest summer peak load has been measured so far. The electricity demand of Hungary reached, upon the preliminary measurement data, 6 456 MW 15 minute average gross peak load at around 12:45 hours.

In the opinion of MAVIR’s experts it may be the data of summer peak load in 2015. The reason is that the temperature may rise through the rest of summer, however, the users with major consumption such as offices buildings, factories have been reducing their operation due to the summer holiday period, thus the consumption will have less impact on the domestic electricity system.

The values of recent days may be a summer record, since they exceed the highest summer consumption has ever been recorded in Hungary (6 320 MW in 2007). Today’s peak load was reached with a daily average temperature of 33.7°C measured at 12:00 hours in Hungary.

The transmission system is exposed to increased usage in hot weather and the load may dramatically grow.

MAVIR has a stable network ensuring maximum availability thanks to the careful planning and continuous monitoring in close cooperation with other TSOs in the region. As a result, the hot weather has not caused any technical incidents jeopardizing the security of supply.

MAVIR’s experts have been gathering the data for decades based upon which we can state that the summer and winter peak load have a growing convergence, however, the summer peak load has never exceeded the winter peak load.

The reason for summer increase can be found in the spread of air conditioners. Nowadays 24% of Hungarian households use a kind of air conditioner, while a further 23% intend to buy one. In MAVIR’s experience when the average daily temperature reaches 24 °C, an increase of further 1 °C mean 90-100 MW growth in domestic electricity system.

Source; Mavir

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