Hungary, Romania: Spot prices doubled in two weeks – up to 444 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

Spot electricity prices have risen sharply across the Balkan region in the past two weeks, following price increases across Europe.

The day-ahead price for baseload in Hungary and Romania rose from around 240 euros per MWh on November 26 to 407 euros per MWh, or 389 euros per MWh for delivery on December 9, according to HUPX and OPCOM stock exchange data.

The rise in prices continued in the following days. Thus, electricity on the Hungarian and Romanian stock exchanges, for delivery on December 14, was traded at a price of 444.5 euros per MWh.

Future electricity prices also rose to similar levels. The month-ahead baseload price increased by more than €100 per MWh in the observed period, to €375 per MWh in both Hungary and Romania, while the baseload price for the next quarter (Q1 2023) also increased by approx. 50 euros per MWh, to about 390 euros per MWh in both countries.