Hungary, Slight recovery of spot gas price on CEEGEX, up to 47.7 euros per MWh

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A day ahead, the price of gas on the Hungarian CEEGEX exchange rose slightly on Sunday, March 12, to 47.67 euros per MWh, after previously falling to 43.39 euros per MWh on Friday. In the previous nine days, the spot price did not exceed the threshold of 50 euros per MWh.

The trading volume on the day-ahead market ranged from 53,000 to 62,000 MWh in the previous week.

On the CEGEX intraday market, the last transactions were realized on March 11, when the price ranged from 49.5 to 50 euros per MWh, with a modest volume of 50 to 430 MWh per hour.

On the reference European gas market TTF, the price of gas also rose slightly on Friday, due to snowfall in northern and western Europe and forecast interruptions in LNG supply. According to data from Refinitiv Eikon, the price of gas for a month in advance increased by 4.25 euros on Friday, to 45.4 euros per MWh.

Previously, the price of gas for the month ahead on the TTF fell to the lowest level since August 2021.

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