Hungary: Solar panels installations state grants

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In order to support the installation of solar panels and energy efficient heating systems at households, Hungarian Government will launch a public call in the summer offering more than 275 million euros in grants, according to Hungarian media.

State Secretary for the Development of Circular Economy, Energy and Climate Policy Attila Steiner said that these grants will be financed through the European Union’s 750 billion euros recovery fund (of which, some 17 billion euros will be allocated to Hungary), which would be enough to fund the installation of solar system at some 80,000 households.

Recent online survey performed by E.ON Hungaria, showed that Hungarian households have expressed keen interest in installing solar panels to reduce energy costs, seeing it as a sustainable investment with a solid return. Out of 1,500 interviewed consumers, 58 % saw solar panels as a good investment, trusting that they could reduce or even fully cover their energy costs. Experience suggests 25-30 square meters of solar panels can fully cover an average household’s annual electricity needs, with the investment paying for itself over 7-9 years while remaining serviceable decades after.

One of the key goals of the Hungarian Energy Strategy is to make 90 % of domestic electricity production carbon dioxide-free by 2030. One of the means to achieve that is to more than triple the capacity of solar power plants in the next 10 years, and by 2035, 200,000 households should have roof-mounted solar panels.