Hungary: Solar power plants booming

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New solar power plant was commissioned near Sajobabony by the Hungarian company SolarparkBabony.

The value of the investment in new solar park is about 630,000 euros and it is expected that the plant will produce between 550,000 and 580,000 kWh of electricity per year, which is enough to supply up to 200 households. The construction of this solar park was financed through a commercial loan and by the company’s own resources as well.

A number of solar power plants have been commission in Hungary in the past year. In February 2016, MVM Hungarowind, a subsidiary of Hungarian state-owned electricity company MVM, has completed the construction of 10 MW solar power plant near Pecs, worth 15.8 million euros. 499.5 kW solar power plant was commissioned near Morahalom in late October 2015, a project worth some 1.2 million euros. Earlier that month, Hungarian power plant Matrai Eromu, which is majority owned by German RWE, opened a new 16 MW solar power plant in Visonta, northern Hungary. This is currently the largest solar power plant in the country and its construction cost about 21 million euros, transmits