Hungary: Solar target could be reached sooner than planned

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Strong growth can be seen in the support for electricity generation using renewable energy sources, thanks to the METAR support scheme. Just the first auction brought a significant price fall, with a maximum capacity of 20 MW. The second tender had a limit of 50 MW.

Deputy Chairman of the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH) Tamas Toth reiterated that Hungary’s target is to expand its solar capacity to nearly 6,500 MW by 2030 and almost 12,000 MW by 2040, adding that with the well-scheduled implementation of each step, the 2030 target can be reached sooner, while also maintaining the plan for 2040. Toth reminded that there is rapid development in Hungary in the field of renewables, since all solar capacity has now reached 2,000 MW and new so-lar power plants are constantly being built almost all over the country.

According to him, the new generating facilities are causing fundamental changes in the energy sys-tem, such as the raising of decentralized energy production, which can have both advantages and disadvantage. He also noted that new investments are needed for the upgrades of electricity distribution networks, as well as the need to find regulatory mechanisms to keep the electricity system running in the long-term.