Hungary: South Stream as must according to the gov

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Hungary has shown interest in new gas supply route, many experts and politicians agree. The earliest and the most likely to be implemented in the project clearly to the Russian initiative – the European states that require the participation of more natural gas – the South Stream gas pipeline will be built. Hungary is definitely involved in the investment, for the past few weeks, Prime Minister Viktor Orban and several other politicians have called attention.

Direction could be near Kecskemét Városföldnél turn to the west or near Budapest touching down before changing direction. The advantage is to join the coming Vecsés, Slovakia transit line. Otherwise the plans have already been completed, it is practically the only revision and the adoption is required.

Alexei Miller, the investor Russian state gas company, Gazprom Chairman of the Board recently approved Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and hearing the speed up investments called for.

It is also possible that the existing Austrian pipeline, and so-called reverse solution could go through Hungary, the Russian Baumgarten gas. The question, however, HAG pipeline capacity is relatively small, it is possible that the engineering solution to the alternative of boarding.

However, Hungary is definitely preferable to the more northerly run the wire because it intends to become a regional hub for gas distribution. It is true that this position applies for all countries in the region. Strong competition, but a complex network of gas build-up of long-term Central and Eastern Europe will benefit all participants security of supply.

If the existing Austro-Hungarian pipeline, according to press information would be relatively expensive. The Szlovéniánál leaving almost three hundred kilometers of wire six hundred million Euros have been built, the trail reaches Austria, however, at least three hundred and fifty miles long. To do this you will be added to the hundreds of kilometers to be built compressor stations as well. If you are off the main trail in Slovenia branch can be built (this may not be necessary), the bill could reach the euro and a half billion.

Section Austria already operate from the end of 2016, it is also desirable that the domestic part is done on then. As Peter Szijjártó the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister of State has recently given a keynote: not of a common European energy policy. In his opinion, if it were, you would not have fallen to the Nabucco project, which at one time would have meant the diversification of sources and supply routes. –